Newsletter | January 2018

Newsletter | January 2018


Happy New Year to everyone. We at BasementArtsProject hope you all had a lovely Christmas and hope to have the pleasure of your company again at some point in 2018.

As we bring the 2017 programme to a close with the final month of the current exhibition Jill and Josh and their Dead Petz, we can also announce elements of this years forthcoming programme (Click on image or title to visit project pages): 

Opening 2018 we see the return of Sohail Khan whose Unspeakable Acts. Work One. Beyond The Pale (things that should have been said and done) we presented two years ago, almost to the day, in March 2016. Khan is an established Live Artist but his latest work will not only realise a performance work but also a durational exhibition of visual art works begun, but never before shown as a collection, in 1994. Khan's performance and associated exhibition shares something of the spirit portrayed by Naomi Gilby in her BasementArtsProject exhibition Now We Have Met, June 2017, in which she  looked at the history of a performance object. One of the benefits of our regular calendar of projects here at The Basement is the ability to present completely new works by very different artists, yet still find threads that create common links. This year we have two projects that address the olfactory sense through the sculpture of Naomi Gilby, and the perfumes created by Michael Borkowsky; this year Borkowsky will be joined by Italian performance artist Emilia Telese. Gilby will also be presenting photographic work based on experiences of her hometown of Blackpool. The left field approach adopted by these artists is also present in the practice of Sharon Mossbeck who utilises cross stitch, a medium rarely associated with contemporary fine art, to create her work. Alongside this we are currently in conversation with Depot Art Studios, Manchester about a collaborative exhibition, somewhere in the middle of all of this. (May?) More on that as we confirm details. 

Any new additions to the schedule or additional events linked to these projects will be posted on the website and blog as soon as we confirm the information.

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Jill and Josh and their Dead Petz was recently reviewed by Saffron Ward, who attended the Preview back in December, her review can be found at 

You can also read about their previous outing as a duo at Crown Building Studios, Liverpool at 

You can also catch up with how the project is getting on through Made in Leeds Television who turned up during our lunchtime conversation a couple of weeks ago



As Jill and Josh and their Dead Petz comes to a close, BasementArtsProject is working in conjunction with the artists to produce a book that documents the exhibition complete with essays written by a number of contributors and a new artwork relating to the exhibition. The publication will be free to all of those that attend the exhibition before 28th February and will be £10 thereafter. We will keep you updated on this.

Jill Mcknight and Joshua Hart are Leeds based artists and studio holders at Serf Studios, Leeds. Serf is an independent studio and exhibition space with it's own programme of exhibitions. To find out about their programme of events visit 

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HYPOGEAL: Underground with BasementArtsProject

In October last year we published a book looking at a year in the life of BasementArtsProject through the exhibitions in it’s programme as it reached the five year mark. The book was launched with an exhibition that brought together work by some of the artists involved in the 2015 programme. The book is available to buy through BasementArtsProject at a cost of £10 (+£3 if you need it posting in the UK / contact me for prices elsewhere in the world) It can also be purchased at the Henry Moore Institute Bookshop

Contact Bruce Davies at 

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PHILL HOPKINS | X | LEFTBANK Leeds | Thursday 1st February | 6 - 9pm

Phill Hopkins has been a regular contributor to the programme at BasementArtsProject since 2012 when we included his work in the collaborative SCIBase event Bring A Box at the Stockholm Independent Art Fair Supermarket. Since then Hopkins has contributed to many group exhibitions as well as having realised a solo show in the form of Daily. A newspaper format publication from this exhibition is still available for sale  (print on demand) at 

I have recently contributed an essay to a publication that will accompany Hopkins’ latest Leeds exhibition X, curated by Leeds based illustrator Si Smith.

I will also be 'In Conversation' with Phill Hopkins and the shows curator Si Smith at LEFTBANK Leeds on Thursday 1st March tickets for this event are FREE and can be found at


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