In September 2018 Naomi Gilby will be presenting a second exhibition of her work at BasmentArtsProject. Gilby has previously exhibited work relating to performance practice in Now We Have Met. In her second project entitled Pleasure she will be turning her attention on her home town of Blackpool.

Bruce Davies

Naomi Gilby | Pleasure 

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Growing up by the seaside, there is a constant reminder of a physical corner you cannot turn, the ocean, which creates an awareness of ones own mortality. Ten feet from the vast ocean, in most tourist towns such as Blackpool, your senses are overwhelmed by neon fever dream of fast food, child ‘friendly’ gambling, fortune tellers promising prosperity, adrenaline forcing rides and plastic trinkets. All meticulously designed to tap into our instant pleasure receptors to divert our senses away from the dangers of one of natures masterpieces and forcibly pushes us to enjoy our experience; enhancing it with some salt, sweat and sugar. 

Naomi Gilby | January 2018


Pleasure | September 2018 . . .