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Throughout the year BasementArtsProject has a programme that is drawn from a mixture of projects driven by Basement and others proposed by individuals. We encourage artists working in any media to submit project ideas towards the programme here at BasementArtsProject.

BasementArtsProject is essentially unfunded, with occasional funding successes on a per project basis. There is no charge for the use of BasementArtsProject, and should any work sell from the venue no commission is charged.

Durational exhibitions generally last for 1 month except for the December exhibition which lasts until early February the following year. One day / night events are also possible fitting between the main exhibitions of the larger programme.

Please use the form below to e-mail a short description of any project that you wish to propose and we will get back to you. There is still room for one project during 2020 but we are currently looking at programming for 2021

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Exhibition Comments Form

Please feel free to send us your thoughts and feelings about our exhibitions. Please indicate whether or not you would mind them being published below. We will only use those who give their permission to do so.

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Simon Hall

On The Corner “A miracle south of the Aire.”


Thahmina Begum

“The lunchtime conversation was great,really friendly and welcoming. I really learnt a lot from the artist Dominic,his passion really shone through. Such a gem of a place in Beeston,with such a fantastic concept, we are so lucky!”


Julia Armstrong

Claire Bentley-Smith | Unmanaged Reproach "Graeme and I also thought Basement Arts Project is a really exciting idea and look forward to seeing more of the exhibitions on show. If one of the aims is to build local engagement with art then its working well."


Keith Ackerman

Paul Walsh | Mellifluous Arcana "Thank you very much for the tour round and explanation of the Paul Walsh exhibition which I found both moving and thought provoking.

I think it is an excellent exhibition which works very well in the special atmosphere of BasementArtsProject ." (via e-mail)

Paul Walsh 1.jpg

Paul Walsh

Artists Comment: “Great space to present and see art; this long running project showcases local, national and international artists. Part of Leeds’ long artist history, this interesting venue is curated by someone who actually cares about creative expression, as a host who supports the artist vision.” (via Google)



Artists Comment: “I love your set up and the way you open up your house to people. Many people say it but you actually do it...making a huge difference to your community and the art scene. Strictly DIY and with no comprise - you sir are punk as fuck!” (via e-mail)