Sohail Khan | Unspeakable Acts. Work 1 . Beyond the Pale (things that should have been said and done) March 2016

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Sohail Khan takes as his starting point the provocation “What are the roles, responsibilities and purpose of artists in today’s culture(s) and society(s), and what is their relationship to truth, justice and morality in respect of these six ideas?”

Unspeakable Acts. Work One. Beyond The Pale (Things that should have been said and done?)’ is the first in a series of five playful, entertaining and engaging performance events that will explore these themes. Khan will invite audiences to reflect upon their own assumptions and expectations that we call artists.

Friday 18th March | 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Unspeakable Acts. Work Two.                                  Huddersfield

The way you are is the way you are (The soft rains of England)

Unspeakable Acts. Work Three                                 Live Art Bistro

The objectification of a punchbag and the ladder of aggression

(subject to confirmation)


Sohain Khan

Sohail Khan (b.1966) is a Northern British based artist who has, since 1983, been creating artworks that explore the boundaries between forms, institutions, audiences, cultural contexts and the means of production that lie therein. READ MORE