Stephanie Ballantine

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Stephanie Ballantine (b.UK, 1984) is an interdisciplinary artist working with photography, performance, video and design. Her field of interest includes areas such as: techno-capitalism, commoditized sexuality, political identity, and agency. In her work she embodies the roles of ‘The Alchemist’, ‘The Mystic’, ‘The Hysteric’ and ‘The Researcher’ playing with expressions of queer identity, surveillance as ‘the Gaze’, absurd, bondage, pop and trash, magical actionism, and psych-scapes.

Exhibitions, screenings and performances include ‘Linespacing’ instillation as part of Leipzig film festival produced by GAGENkino, 2015, ‘Jane’ Pantocrátor Gallery, Shanghai 2015, ‘A Moon Voyage’ at Haspel Art Centre Sofia 2014, ‘A Symposium’ at KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin 2014, ‘Queer today is Not Tomorrow’ at NGBK Berlin 2014, ‘Manisensations’ at Leap Gallery Berlin 2012, ‘Accidental Sculpture’ at The Henry Moore Institute Leeds 2009, ‘Peripheral’ at Tate Liverpool 2008.

She studied studied BA Politics and Philosophy as well as FD Photography in England before moving to Berlin where she currently resides.




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The Hysterical Oracle | August 2017

The Hysterical Oracle | August 2017