Ian Pepper and Friends | Welcome to My World | November 2016

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Between January and April 2016 Ian Pepper embarked upon a project in which he set out to document something of the lives and opinions of the people of Beeston. His three step approach was to collect images of people by which he would construct a series of portraits, gather images of the area for use as part of a series of abstracted digital collages and collect audio documentation, opinions and stories of those whom he photographed for the project. The resultant work formed the basis of an exhibition at BasementArtsProject in early May that presented a series of  pen, ink and pencil portraits, a number of larger works in paint on board and a projection of the digital collages linked to the audio conversations. 

The exhibition cut a slice through a small selection of the Beeston population and presented a view of life in Beeston in 2016. Alongside recent incomers to the area from other parts of the country and world where the voices of people whose entire lives, in one case eighty-seven years, have been spent in the area. 

In the months since May’s exhibition Pepper has  been working on a number of new pieces and, in collaboration with BasementArtsProject, has delivered two workshops with the Vale Circles Community Centre. Welcome To My World is a collaborative exhibition based on Pepper’s direction since A Feast of Beeston and the outcome of the workshops with the Vale Circles groups and community members. The exhibition will be a glimpse into the personal world of not just Pepper but those that have engaged with the project over the course of the year.

Welcome To My World features work by Claire Bentley-Smith, Paul Walsh and the participants from Vale Circles

With thanks to Paul Digby and Will Morris at Vale Circles

PREVIEW | PERFORMANCE: The Creatures of Habit
Thursday 24th November | 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Exhibition Open
Saturday 26th November | 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 27th November | 2pm – 4pm
Monday 28th November | 11am – 2pm
Saturday 29th November | 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 30th November | 2pm – 4pm
Monday 1st December | 11am – 2pm

Supported by Leeds Inspired.


Ian Pepper

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