Tom Railton

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Born in Coventry, England, Tom Railton studied and worked in Leeds until moving to London to take his Postgraduate Diploma at Chelsea College of Art and Design in 2011.

Awarded the Patrick Caulfield Scholarship for MA Fine Art study, he graduated with a distinction in 2012, and was awarded the third annual GAM Gilbert de Botton Art Prize. He lives and works in London combining a multidisciplinary practice with a new appointment within the School of Art at the University of Kent. He is featured in this year’s Catlin Guide to emerging artists (2013) launched at the London Art Fair and at the St Vincent European Art Prize, Italy.

“Using a conceptual approach to sculptural materials and methods, I examine the processes behind making, replication and exhibition. I combine a joy for experimentation and open-ended enquiry with the possibilities of engagement with information. My work is enlivened by activity and exists as a result of an audience’s interaction. At its core is a dissemination and interpretation of knowledge made manifest. Acknowledging processes without overt display, a space is left for an audience’s own puzzlement and belief to fill the gaps.”





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SPEAKEASY: art in an age of prohibition | September 2011

SPEAKEASY: art in an age of prohibition | September 2011