Emilia Telese | Scents of Self

In a second post ahead of next week’s preview for the new exhibition at BasementArtsProject, Emilia Telese gives us an insight into the nature of the work that she will be creating.

Desire & Alchemy by Michael Borkowsky & Emilia Telese opens on Friday 19th October at 7:30pm

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Emilia Telese | Scents of Self

Scents of Self is a new immersive, site specific installation by Emilia Telese exploring pattern, body style and the sense of smell. 

The work is designed to envelop the exhibition space with a sensory overload.  It has a strong exploratory aspect, where the viewer is completely surrounded and can walk on, touch and scratch the artwork to reveal a secret number of scents specially made for it in collaboration with Amsterdam perfumer Spyros Drosopoulos. The scents have been developed to work with the visual and site specific elements in order to generate different reactions. 

The piece is the fruit of over ten years of Telese's research into how we associate smell with visuals, environments and our own life; it is the first of her works incorporating scent. Different ways of communicating through the body and its external incarnations are linked with how these interact with scents generated by our skin, our surrounding environment, the chemicals we use every day and the food we eat. 

Scents of Self relates to Emilia Telese's ongoing conversations with Ted Polhemus' "Supermarket of Style" theory and her long-standing identification with the concept of gesamtkunstwerk - total art, incorporating as many of life's manifestations as possible within the realm of Art. 

Emilia Telese | September 2018