Sara Zaltash


Sara Zaltash is an artist evolving reality. 

An experienced theatre, performance, Live Art, music and festival maker, Zaltash’s work is disarmingly personable, enchantingly direct and prone to radicalism. A fast talker and quick thinker, Zaltash’s style is spun from effervescence and heroism, rage and wonder, consciousness and evangelism. Out of popular movements, digital lives and ancient practices, working with live action, song, sound, community, ritual, conceptual enquiry, magic and the divine, Zaltash seeks frontiers, pioneers and revolutions. 

Born in Reading, UK, to Iranian parents of Islamic heritage, Sara attained British citizenship in 1996. Her Roman Catholic primary schooling and comprehensive secondary education were followed by a BA Theatre, Film and Television (Bristol, 2008), a Postgraduate Language Certificate in Persian Language and Literature (Tehran, 2010), an MA Performance, Culture, Context (Leeds, 2012), and half a Graduate Diploma in Law (BPP, 2013). Sara has been performing, teaching and working within performing arts, professionally at home and in Europe, USA and Iran, since 2004. Her work has been supported by the British Council, Arts Council of England, LADA, Tides Foundation, Flora Family Foundation, Brahma Kumaris, Spirit of Humanity Forum, OMID Foundation, Glastonbury Festival, Southbank London, Bristol City Council, Glasgow City Council and University of Bristol, ]performance s p a c e [, MAYK, Anatomy Arts and BasementArtsProject among many others. Sara is a Fellow of the Schumacher Institute.