Roadside Museum | May 2016

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In the overlapping spheres of the contemporary art object and the art historical object the subject of preservation is a contentious one. In a reversal of the usual museological concerns, curators John O Hare and Gordon Culshaw set out to investigate the affect of time and biological and chemical decay on artworks.

Featuring artworks by Graham Dunning, Barbara Ekström, Stig Evans, Veronika Lukasova, Fred Martin, Samira Shafiei Nejad, Raksha Patel, Peter Trukenbrod, and Chris Wood Roadside Museum is an exhibition looking at the changes brought about through accelerated decay. Having been buried in a Lancashire field for 12 months the artworks on display have all been exhumed for this exhibition at BasementArtsProject. 

Friday 8th May | 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Exhibition Open
Saturday 9th May | 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 10th May | 2pm – 4pm
Saturday 16th May | 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 17th May | 2pm – 4pm

Further Reading on this exhibition can be found in the publication Hypogeal: Underground with BasementArtsProject. (£10) To order a copy contact Bruce Davies at (£3 P&P)