Paul Walsh


Paul Walsh is a Leeds based visual artist who communicates with different mediums, and works across multiple disciplines.   As an undergraduate of Leeds Beckett School of Fine Art, where he specialised in process led, paint based, method driven enquiries and colluded with others to create performance art.  

Graduating with first class honors, Paul began postgraduate study at the School of Performance Cultural industries, University of Leeds, and is at the time of writing, in the final months, of an M.A. in Performance Design.

Taking performance as methodology,  my work investigates ‘physis’, the Greek word for movement and the root of poesis, a cognate of poetry. I am interested in the idea of poiesis as a mode of disclosure (a-letheia) of Being, it means to make and creating work that reflects the human experience and exposes the ecologies and ontologies of the spaces we use, is reflected by the mode for enquiry.   

I am not interesting in capturing or documenting the fleeting moment of the performance experience, though the encounter of the activity, the witnessing of performance at the time of happening is a key consideration, and crucial to the planning of the event. 

This embodiment of process into form adopts a poetic frame by creating parameters to drive the investigation. Ideas of transition, bodies moving through space, interaction across surface, between architectures, a reflection of environment and reinterpretation of it’s visual texture in between through and over through these spaces, which I consider as a mapping. An embodiment of movement, the result is the creation of an artefact, a physical object for viewing postmortem, which I hope, makes you think of what was happening when it was made.





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