Paul Digby


Paul was born in Grimsby North Lincolnshire and studied in Norwich University of the Arts and the Bretton Hall/University of Leeds. Paul lived in London before returning to Leeds, where he is based with his family.

He has regularly taught across education and he formerly sat on the Steering Group for the Yorkshire and Humber Visual Arts Network, part of the UK's Contemporary Visual Arts Network.

Paul is currently working on a series of drawings and sculptures of people in the Emergency Services in Classical poses to be exhibited in the EAST gallery and York College Gallery.

He has exhibited in solo and group shows in amongst others the Saatchi Gallery, the Wellcome Museum, Manchester Contemporary, the Bowes Museum, Bankside Gallery, Huddersfield Gallery, Tullie House Gallery and Leeds City Gallery.



WEBSITE: Portraits of Emotions



TWITTER: @DigbyPaul

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Current Project: New Light Real Northern Art

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