Lens & Chisel | MantlePiece | November 2015

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‘MantlePiece’ is a sculptural installation by Leeds based duo Lens&Chisel; sculptor Keith Ackerman and light artist / photographer Adam Glatherine. For this exhibition Lens&Chisel step outside of the more conventional aspects of their practice to create an installation that highlights the place of marble in contemporary sculpture.

‘MantlePiece’ focuses not only on the finished object but also on the journey of both material and artists in the process of creating their artworks. Forged by intense heat and pressure over millions of years beneath the surface of the earth, Carrara marble is a material revered by sculptors and historians; this new site-specific installation takes us on a subterranean journey from marble to light, using each along the way to reveal often unseen qualities of the other.

‘Stone is the direct link to the heart of matter—a molecular link. When I tap it, I get an echo of that which we are. Then, the whole universe has resonance.’      Isamu Noguchi

All photographs by Adam Glatherine

Sunday 29th November | 2pm - 4pm

Exhibition Open
Saturday 5th December | 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 6th December | 2pm – 4pm
Monday 7th December | 10am – 2pm
Saturday 12th December | 2pm – 4pm
Sunday 13th December | 2pm – 4pm
Monday 14th December | 10am – 2pm

Exhibition remains Open By Appointment until
Monday 29th February 2016

MACRO PHOTOGRAPHY by Adam Glatherine