Lou Hazelwood

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Lou Hazelwood (b. 1971) originally from Leeds is an artist based in Hull since 1991. She has many years experience of exhibiting both regionally (Hull, Lincolnshire, Leeds, Sheffield), nationally (London, Bath, Blackburn, Cambridge) and internationally (Romania, South Korea, USA, The Netherlands, Portugal) and her work takes many forms and responses from sound pieces, text, film, installation, performance and image based. She is interested in layered imagery of text, image and sound, creating palimpsests for the viewer to navigate. She investigates how our experiences, personal and cultural, and technologies, historical and contemporary, influence our experience of memory and forgetfulness. During 2017 she was the Creative Director for RED Contemporary Arts ‘REDboard’ project and has been on the committee of RED for several years. She actively curates projects and exhibitions as collaborative research with fellow artists and practitioners. .

WEBSITE: www.louhazelwood.com

CONTACT: hello@louhazelwood.com

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/louhazelwoodasartist/

TWITTER: @louhazelwood 

INSTAGRAM: @uoldoowlezah

VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/louhazelwood