Luke Drozd | Ditch the Eggs She Screamed | June 2013

Deep Blue (purple).jpg

Continuing the expansion of projects begun in a smaller format for Divided We Fall; June sees a return to Leeds for the now London based fine artist, graphic artist and Black Dogs associate member Luke Drozd. 

Featuring a selection of predominantly new works such as a makeshift wishing well, death masks and failed papier-mâché objects,this exhibition will look at the relationships and tensions between materials and objects whilst also being, to some extent, about allowing your hands to make the decisions.

Friday 14th June 2014 | 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Exhibition Open
Sunday 15th June | 2pm - 4pm
Monday 16th June | 11am - 2pm
Saturday 22nd June | 11am - 2pm
Sunday 23rd June | 2pm - 4pm