A House Within A Home | Pitched | Collaborations On The Corner PREVIEW: Saturday 10th August

We would like to welcome you to the Preview for ‘A House Within A Home’ by Phill Hopkins and 'Pitched' by Jadene Imbusch. This event represents the culmination of many months of work that has gone into realising these projects in connection with the INDEX Festival taking place across Leeds and Wakefield alongside the Yorkshire Sculpture International 2019. BasementArtsProject is also working on two other projects as part of this festival in which we will realise two public sculptures 'On The Corner' with Keith Ackerman and Dominic Hopkinson. We hope that you will be able to join us for this event in South Leeds as we try to create a sculptural gateway at the southern entrance to the city.

PREVIEW: SATURDAY 10th AUGUST | 12am - 5pm

Exhibition Open
Sunday 25th August| 2pm - 4pm
Thursday 29th August | 11am - 2pm
Sunday 1st September| 2pm - 4pm
Monday 2nd September | 11am - 2pm
Thursday 5th September | 11am - 2pm
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Sunday 29th September | 2pm - 4pm

Lunchtime Conversation: Phill Hopkins & Jadene Imbusch
Thursday 12th September | 12pm - 3pm



A House Within A Home by Phill Hopkins

Lion Mask (2019): Phill Hopkins

‘A House Within A Home’ by Phill Hopkins and ‘Pitched’ by Jadene Imbusch are two solo exhibitions that look at the subject of what makes a House a Home and the distinctions between the two concepts. 

In the case of Hopkins, whose career has been defined by a world of miniaturised representations of the ambitions and problems of the world in which we live, ‘A House Within A Home’ scales up the work into a sculptural installation spread over two rooms at BasementArtsProject. The project looks at the burgeoning homelessness crisis, the politics of wider society and their impact on both a local and world scale. Over the years Hopkins has looked at the world through the biased lens of popular media and attempted to create a more balanced view on the world situation, here Hopkins pulls the focus onto a subject at the heart of this South Leeds community and translates it in his own very singular manner.




Pitched by Jadene Imbusch

In the format of a 'slight' intervention throughout the ground floor of the house, ‘Pitched’ by Jadene Imbusch looks at the subject of transience within a community, using her work to highlight the presence of those that are most ignored and neglected.


In the lead up to these exhibitions, Hopkins and Imbusch worked on a mail art project sending eight individual pieces back and forth in the post adding their own contributions to each others work.‘A House Within A Home’, ‘Pitched’ and ‘Collaborations On The Corner’ are part of ‘On The Corner’, and have received support from INDEX FESTIVAL . Documentation of the collaborations can be found at https://www.basementartsproject.com/collaborations-on-the-corner 

Supported by Index Festival