A City of Two Tales: A Record Store Day Intervention

Breaking the Sound Barrier 8 is the eighth iteration of a long running audio / remix project by artists Alan Dunn and Martyn Rainford. What began as a collaborative track on one of Dunn’s numerous compilation CD’s, A History of Background, evolved into a 5:1 surround sound installation presented at BasementArtsProject in August 2012. Beyond this the track has been remixed  and re-presented in various formats in different cities around the UK as well as elsewhere in the world. 

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Cruel and Unusual: Prelude to Forgotten Spaces

The smallest dungeon cell featured in this series of work is from Chester city walls, and, as with all of the dungeons featured, is hidden deep underground. There is an interesting contemporary account of the size of this cell by someone who visited it as a gruesome tourist attraction, long after it was last used. They described it as a small space, carved out of the rock to fit the dimensions of a man. It had room for the head, and became wider to fit the shoulders and chest. When the door was closed on the person inside they had no room to sit or lie down.

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The Way You Are is The Way You Are (The Soft Rains of England)

" I come out of a different frame, that frame relates to stories that don’t exist in the neat tropes, themes and intellectual and historical properties of what we may like to call the dominant culture."  Sohail Khan. Cape Point. Gambia. Inscribe Literary  Festival 2008 prior to performing his seminal  Live Art work " Who is the Ninka Nanka?"

" Artists as special kinds of people?... we have to rid of all that crap."


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