Our current activity is based around a frequent series of events taking place throughout the year whilst we seek funding to convert the space into a fully operational studio / residency project / Gallery venue with its own access and facilities.

Exhibitions and events since April 2011 have included solo projects by Stephanie Ballantine, Michael Borkowsky, Kimbal Quist Bumstead, Alisia Casper, Alan Dunn & Martyn Rainford, Paul Digby, Luke Drozd, Pippa Eason, Naomi Gilby, Philip Gurrey, Phill Hopkins, Dominic Hopkinson, Lens & Chisel, Lloyd & Wilson, Samela Otoviç, Ian Pepper, Ryan Riddington, Richard Taylor, Unravel: The Longest Hand Painted Film in Britain and Alistair Woods. We have staged lectures by Michael Borkowsky, Chris Daniels (Unravel), Phill Hopkins, Dominic Hopkinson, Tom Railton and Canadian Art Historian Allan Antliff and a gig by experimental musicians TEN. We have also played host to the group exhibitions ‘SPEAKEASY: art in an age of prohibition’, ’Other Rooms’ curated by Saturation Point and ‘Roadside Museum’ curated by Gordon Culshaw and John O Hare.

Alongside this we have taken artists work offsite to events such as the Stockholm Independent Art Fair 2012, Liverpool Biennial 2012 and Divided We Fall, across the rest of Leeds in August 2012, March 2013 and May 2014 and Sluice Art Fair, London 2017. In April 2014 BasementArtsProject staged the third of three collaborative exhibitions with international collective SCI under the moniker SCIBase at 3rd on 3rd Gallery and Dykeman Young Galleries in Jamestown, New York. 

BasementArtsProject have just published their first book ‘Hypogeal’ 

BasementArtsProject is currently working on a new selection of projects for 2018
The programme continues . . .

Living With It


BasementArtsProject seeks to

  • assist with the Cultivation and Development of the practice of emerging artists to a high artistic standard
  • create an artist-led and ideologically neutral space that gives artists control over how their work is viewed
  • provide an engaging and informative programme of exhibitions and events with an emphasis on quality
  • create an atmosphere conducive to the creation and appreciation of artworks across many styles and forms
  • provide a focal point for consistent and continuous artistic activity in LS11
  • provide a gallery and project space that is free to artists and the visiting public alike
  • create links and opportunities with, and for, artists at a national and international level whilst maintaining a focus on projects located at BasementArtsProject in Leeds
  • provide an arterial connection between the inhabitants of the South Leeds environ and the larger Leeds art scene; and vice versa
  • increase the feeling of mutual respect and support between members of the art community

BasementArtsProject is working towards a sustainable future through

  1. the architectural re-development of the basement into a self-sufficient space
  2. permanent opening hours and four residency projects per year (based on 1)

“What E [sic] am interested in now is that point where Art meets Life and fuses, dispersing art and enhancing life.” Genesis P-Orridge. G.P.O vs G-P.O